About Beach It PVC Beach Carts

Beach It Beach Carts is the brain child of Travis and Kate Pratt. Every summer they would go to their beach house at the Jersey shore and every year they would struggle with poorly constructed beach carts. They purchased every type of beach cart available trying to find one that would last. They purchased two wheel carts, four wheel carts, metal carts, bucket-style carts and even used their children’s wagon at one point. Everything they tried was either too difficult to pull, or broke after one season.

Disgsuted by the lack of options available at retail stores, Travis decided he was going to build his own cart. He went out and purchased high grade PVC to build the fram and sourced the same wheels he had seen on an ice cream vendor’s cart at the beach. It wasn’t long before the Pratt family’s cart had made them the envy of the beach and it didn’t take long for their friends and family to ask for their own cart.

Demand was so strong for the Pratt family beach carts that in 2014 Travis and Kate decided to start a business to manufacture and sell their beach carts. Enjoy your Beach It beach cart. They are the very highest quality beach carts available on the Internet today.